Almost Everything Very Fast

In February 2016 my novel Almost Everything Very Fast (English translation by the fabulous Aaron Kerner) will be published in the US with Graywolf Press. Events will take place all over the country. For more information about the book and the tour please visit:

"Almost Everything Very Fast is ingeniously structured, intellegently written, and moves at a steady, forceful pace. It is entirely enjoyable, from start to finish." - Ha Jin

"Two brillant characters, a childlike father figure who, against all odds, understands that 'we are all Most Beloved Possessions,' and a boy who has pushed 'the sound barrier of penitential shoelace tying' at his orphanage, set off to discover their origins in a journey that plumbs the depths of human hearts and human history with effortless wisdom and humor. With gorgeous prose and a delicious sleight-of-hand that makes his ensemble cast sparkle as brightly as his plot, Christopher Kloeble spins a tale that brings home the truth that the past is much closer than we imagine it to be. Few novels are as satisfying at the end as they are at the beginning and Kloeble nails it." - Ru Freeman

Readings and talks at Festival Neue Literatur in New York, Zeitgeist Festival in Washingston DC, Goethe Boston, Goethe Chicago, University of Texas at Austin, Wellesley College, Wesleyan University, Dartmouth College, Goethe New York, University of Cincinnati, and in the Midwest. More events will be scheduled during the following weeks.

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TV interview about the book


About the author
Christopher Kloeble (novelist, playwright, scriptwriter) born in Munich/Germany, studied in Dublin, at the German Creative Writing Program Leipzig and at the University for Film and Television in Munich. He has written for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, DIE ZEIT and tageszeitung. His plays U-Turn and Memory have been staged at major theatres in Vienna, Munich, Heidelberg and Nuremberg. For his first novel Amongst Loners he won the Juergen Ponto-Stiftung prize for best debut 2008; his second book A Knock at the Door was published in 2009. The third, Almost Everything Very Fast, appeared in March 2012. His first film script, Inclusion, was produced in 2011 and nominated for the Prix Europa 2012 for Best Movie Script. He lives in Berlin and Delhi.

Grants, Fellowships & Awards
2015 Guest professor at Dartmouth College, NH/USA
2014 Writer-In-Residence at Grinnell College, Iowa/USA
2013 Writer-In-Residence of the Goethe Institute Bangalore/India; Writer-In-Residence of Writers OMI in Ledig House/USA
2012 nominated for the Prix Europa for the movie script for Inclusion; ABU Prize for Inclusion; "Entdeckt!"-Amazon Award for Almost Everything Very Fast; Writer-In-Residence of NYU and the German Literary Fonds in New York/USA; Writer-In-Residence of the German Book Office Delhi at Sangam House in Bangalore/India
2011 Writer-In-Residence at Cambridge University in the UK; Stipend of the German Literary Fonds for Almost Everything Very Fast; Writer-In-Residence at the Künstlerhaus Lukas at the Baltic Sea/Germany
2010 nominated for the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize; Writer-In-Residence at the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa/USA; Writer-In-Residence of the Literary Colloquium Berlin
2009 Stipend of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Cadenabbia/Italy; Writer-In-Residence in Pouch Cove/Newfundland
2008 nominated for the Heidelberger Stückemarkt
2007 Stipend of the Bavarian Television
2004-2005 Writer-In-Residence of the city of Ranis/Germany

Select list of publications
2012 Novel "Meistens alles sehr schnell" (dtv)
2011 Movie script for "Inklusion"
2011 Short story "In the eye" in "Washington Square Review"
2011 Short story "Vierundachtzig Schritte" in "Alle meine Lieben" (dtv)
2010 Essay "Leibgeschriebenes" in "Ich gründe eine Akademie für Selbstachtung" (PeterLang Verlag)
2010 Short story "Eine kurze Geschichte über das Lieben" in "Lust.Liebe.Sex." (Beltz u. Gelberg)
2010 Short story "Wenn es klopft" in "Urlaubslesebuch" (dtv)
2010 Short story "Licht" in "Gothic - Darker Stories" (Beltz u. Gelberg)
2010 Short story "Herr Erwig" in "Radiogeschichten" (Ö1)
2009 Short stories "Wenn es klopft" (dtv premium)
2009 Hosentaschengeschichte #1 "Miami, nä" (Hosentaschen Verlag)
2009 Short story "13:24:51" in "Gothic - Dark Stories" (Beltz u. Gelberg)
2009 Short story "Zwanzig Sekunden Mathematik" in "Zeit der Witze" (Mitteldeutscher Verlag)
2008 Novel "Unter Einzelgängern" (dtv premium)
2008 Short story "Die ewigen drei" in "Geschichten + Gerichte" (Dölling und Galitz Verlag)
2007 Play "Memory (Morgen war gestern)" (Drei Masken Verlag)
2007 Short story "Easy Seller" in "Tippgemeinschaft" (Jahresanthologie des DLL)
2006 Play "Wenn möglich, bitte wenden" (Drei Masken Verlag)
2006 Short story "Generalprobe" in "Ich siebenhändiger Mann" (quartus-Verlag)
2005 Short story "Im Auge" in "Wissen und Gewissen" (Stämpfli Verlag)
2004 Short story "Mein liebster Moment" in "Tippgemeinschaft" (Jahresanthologie des DLL)
2003 Short story "Fred" in "Nehmt mich beim Wort" (C. Bertelsmann)




Further information
English sample translation of Amongst Loners

“A plea for hope, written with a delicate touch and never lacking in humor.”
Juli Zeh


Synopsis of A Knock At The Door




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