“Hilarious and heartbreaking”



“A fascinating story made out of the real-life adventure of three Bavarian scientist-explorers in 19th century India, this is a novel to be savoured.”




“Tender and exuberant”

Chandrahas Choudhury


"Kloeble's adroit linking of the Schlagintweit brothers' scientific expedition in India with the sordid legacy of a Hanoverian regiment's involvement in the Company's campaigns in the Carnatic is an inventive narrative move that gives what could have just been a racy bildungsroman its disquieting political edge."

The Telegraph


Kim for the 21st century”

Arshia Sattar


The Museum of the World


Bartholomew is an orphan from Bombay. He’s twelve years old and speaks almost as many languages. That is why, in the year 1854, he is hired as a translator by the brothers Schlagintweit from Germany who, with the support of Alexander von Humboldt and the East India Company, embark upon the greatest expedition of their time, which takes them across India and the Himalayas.


But Bartholomew is also pursuing his own agenda: he wants to establish the first museum of his remarkable, complex native land. And for this, he is willing to risk everything – even his life.


Based on the true story of a huge scientific undertaking by three Bavarian brothers, and brilliantly translated by Rekha Kamath Rajan, Christopher Kloeble’s The Museum of the World is a fantastic adventure that will change the way we see the history of colonialism.

”Christopher Kloeble's novel, The Museum of the World, translated from German to English by Rekha Kamath Rajan is an extraordinary literary piece that takes its readers through an exhilarating journey of time and space."

The Book Review


“An absolutely delightful, devour-worthy novel”

Sarnath Banerjee


"Award-winning German writer Christopher Kloeble blends fact and fiction to create a delightful novel that looks at culture beyond museum exhibits."

Deccan Herald


“Gripping, beautiful and complex”

Ruchir Joshi


"A 19th century real-ife expedition acts as the setting for this tale of wonder and adventure."

The Hindu